Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy 1st, Gabby!

Time flies so fast. I can't believe it's now a year since I gave birth to my second baby, Jonathan Gabriel. Our Gabby.

Still connected to me thru the cord
You were born naturally, with no medication for me and because of that, you were very awake and alert when you came out. You were attuned to my sudden cries of pain while they were repairing where you passed through and you would quiet down when you hear my assurances that I'm ok.

Baptism on May 19, 2012
You're a delightful addition to our family of three and while your kuya Jack got jealous of the attention we were giving you when you were still very new, he adjusted well and seems to be the foremost source of your laughs and giggles.

This should be dated March 9, 2013.

I pray that you will always be happy and that you will love your older brother as much as he adores you. We love you, Gabby. Happy Birthday!!!

At Conti's Serendra.

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