Friday, January 18, 2013

Jonathan Gabriel's Birth Story - Part 2

April 1, we woke up early and we went to Bonifacio High Street, with Jack-Jack in tow. I wore him on my back, hoping that the added weight would help me. We walked the whole length of BHS around twice before I got tired of carrying him on my back. We stopped at Krispie Kreme for breakfast, then we walked again. We went home at around 10AM and we decided that J and I will hear mass on 12NN and walk to and from church. Jack-Jack will stay at home. Every now and then there’s some tightness on my stomach but they’re so fleeting and I wouldn’t even be aware of them until after the fact.

After mass, we ate a late lunch and J and I each took a bath, while I listened to one of my CDs. I had been listening to the Birthing Guide CD since I had that discharge, hoping that the powerful suggestions would jumpstart my birthing time. I even listened to the Pushing Baby Out track but to no avail. It seemed that my baby really wasn’t ready to meet the world yet. After I took a bath, I noticed that my birthing waves were becoming frequent, so I decided to time them. They were about an average of 1 minute every 10-15 minutes. And they weren’t intense yet, so I wasn’t too excited. Until J noticed me timing and he asked me how were they? I answered, maybe Gabby would be out tonight, so that he’d have the same birthday as my late grandma.

So after a few more birthing waves, we went to St. Luke’s, our bag into the car again (as we previously took it out so I could add more things needed) and went straight to the DR. I asked the receptionist if my OB was there and she said that my doctor just called and will be up in a while. She asked if I’m to be admitted and I told her I just needed to go there for an IE and that I’d rather wait for my OB. My OB came and she checked me and I was already 3cm dilated, almost completely effaced, and she asked if I was having birthing waves before I came there. I told her that I’ve been experiencing some but they weren’t regular yet. Then she asked me if I wanted to get admitted already or if I wanted to walk around first. I answered I prefer the latter and she said that since I’m still smiling, she gave the go signal. She also told me to eat something first.

J and I decided that we would walk to Burgos Circle and eat there, so that I wouldn’t be inside the LR long and also hoping that my dilation have progressed much when we come back. We decided to eat at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf since I didn’t want to eat a full meal. About midway with my Tomato and Herb pasta, I was starting to really feel the birthing waves so J and I decided to fast-track our snack/dinner so that we could head back to the hospital. By then, I already took out my cd player and started playing the Easy first stage track. By then, I was only observing J and timing my birthing wavs, waiting for his signal that we can now start walking back.

On the way back to the hospital, we had to stop several times on the side-walk, walking past The Mind Museum, Mercury Drug, and then finally back to St. Luke’s. We took the elevator going to the third floor and the receptionist immediately admitted us, letting me change into a hospital gown and then hooking me to a machine to monitor me and the baby. Then I was asked if I wanted to lie down in the LR (labor room) already or if I wanted to walk around first. I told them I wanted to be able to walk around first so they gave me a robe to be able to go back to the reception/waiting area. I sat beside J, waiting and letting each birthing wave run their course. All this time, I was listening to my cd, recalling the lessons I took for weeks just for this occasion. After about 30 minutes or so, I told J I wanted to lie down and maybe nap a bit as it was tiring to sit down and I was getting sleepy already. I told the receptionist that I wanted to go and lie in the LR already and she called for a nurse.

Once inside the LR, a hep-lock was inserted on my left hand and the nurse hooked me to the fetal monitor again (as they would be doing that every hour) and then left me to my birthing waves, after asking me if I wanted some water. I did ask for water after a few minutes and I also asked for the lights to be dimmed. I lied on my side as it was more comfortable for me, listening to my cd, imagining my cervix opening with each birthing wave, my baby descending and preparing to come out. My birthing waves were becoming more intense as each minute pass, and I was moaning and aahh-ing with each wave, imagining my cervix becoming more open. At 7:30pm, the nurse hooked me up to the monitor again, my waves more intense than ever.

After being monitored, I felt the need to pee, but I couldn’t push for the call-button because my birthing waves were coming one after the other, with little resting time. I was about to call the nurse when my body took a rest so that I could stand and pee when a birthing wave hit me. It was so intense, I couldn’t hold back my aahhh and at the same time, my bladder burst. There was also some pushing feeling with this wave that I just followed it. This time, I immediately called the nurse and told her I peed already. She helped me take off my underwear, and noticed that I was already bleeding and she called another nurse to do an IE. It was around 8pm already, and I could feel that I would be giving birth anytime soon. I was fully dilated already and they were rushing about to call my OB (who went home after checking me). After the nurse who examined me went to call the other staff to prep me in the delivery room (DR), I felt a really intense wave, with more pushing instinct and with that wave, my water broke, and I felt as if my baby was about to go out that I was shouting at the nurse about it.

They rushed about in the LR, and then they wheeled me to the DR, a wave going thru me as we went those few seconds (maybe a minute) it took to get from the LR to the DR. With no anesthesia running through my veins, I was able to transfer beds once in the DR and once a wave passed. It was a flurry of activity around me as I semi-sat/squat down and they ready the tools, holding on to the bars at the side of the bed to help me push, the nurse cleaning me, the on-call OB talking to my OB, and I changed the track I was listening to to the Pushing Baby Out track. J was called into the DR and when he came in, he immediately exclaimed, “Is that the head?” as I was already crowning. After being prepped and J ready with the camera, the staff and on-call doctors (already gloved and netted) awaited my baby’s arrival.

Then I felt it. That need to push, and push, and push as a really strong wave hit me. I felt his head, then his shoulders, and then the rest of his body slide out with that last push. It took around a minute or so. I didn’t pause except to aahh (or was it AAHH) him out. As soon as he was out, I looked at the clock and noted that it was 8:30PM already and Gabby was placed over my chest. He was awake and he was crying and it felt really good to see him and touch him. The OB on-call waited for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing and she told me when it happened so she could already cut the cord. Once detached, the pediatrician asked if she could clean my baby and I said yes. It was good timing, too, as I felt another contraction afterwards and I gave birth to my placenta.

As they were cleaning me and looking at the damage I made without being cut (episiotomy), we tried to make Gabby latch but he wouldn’t. So they placed him back on the crib and dressed him up. I was stitched up, and my OB finally came and finished patching me up, with no more local anesthesia towards the end of the stitches. Now, that was an ouch. After being patched up, we transferred to the recovery room, Gabby close behind and he was placed beside me so he could nurse. The pedia was really happy with me because I seem to know what I was doing, breastfeeding, especially when I told her that I breastfed my son for two years. And after about an hour, we were wheeled to our room.

And that’s the end of Gabby’s birth story.

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Jenny said...

Clap clap clap!!! Bravo Pat for having the birth you wanted!!! I cannot believe that you walked all the way from Burgos Circle to SLMC-Global!! But I am happy that your doctor let you walk around and labor naturally without pitocin!! that was my regret for birth no. 2. The doctor immediately wanted me hooked on pitocin to speed up the birth because my waters had broken. Your baby was delivered not by your OB pala!! I got local anesthesia while being stitched (no episiotomy for me also). according to my OB, cut wasn't too bad. so pat, ano? let's do water birth for no. 3? hehe!

Pat Grace said...

Yung Unang Yakap lang ang di ko nagawa. But everything else was how I wanted. Water birthday at home? Haha. Pero after 5yrs pa ko. ;)