Sunday, September 30, 2012

The only problem I'm happy to have

Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (September). For this month, we will tackle milk sharing and how it can nurture the community, and how this spirit of giving can be sustained. Participants will share their thoughts, experiences, hopes and suggestions on the topic. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.

Ever since I started breastfeeding Jack-Jack, I never thought it was possible that I'd be donating breastmilk to moms who need to supplement their own supply and didn't want to feed formula milk to their babies. I've been eager and hopeful that I'd be one of those lucky moms who have ounces and ounces of frozen breastmilk that their able to fill up an entire freezer. Of course, I was also being realistic, especially since about a week or so that I went back to the office, my frozen stash was almost depleted! So storing a lot of breastmilk in the freezer wasn't an option. Especially since I was using a manual pump then.

A few months after and when I was already using a double electric pump, I noticed that I'm slowly building up my frozen stash. My rule at home was to always give Jack-Jack (and eve now with Gabby) fresh milk, which was expressed breastmilk stored in the refrigerator. On Fridays, I would leave milk expressed that day (maybe even one or two from Thursday) in the ref and place all the other milk expressed earlier in the freezer. And from then, came my problem: what to do with my excess milk? I mean, I'm sure enough by then that the milk I leave in the ref is enough for the next day I'm out of the house and working, plus, I could always leave a few bags in the freezer just in case. My freezer was almost up to capacity and I still have a few more bags to freeze from my stash in the ref. Plus, some have been frozen for more than a month already. What did I do? Posted in NAW about my excess supply so if anybody from there or somebody they know needs them, I can readily meet up with them and give them the milk.

I forgot how many times I've shared my milk to free up the space in our freezer and also to avoid throwing out the milk when I was still expressing milk for Jack-Jack. Now, with Gabby, I've donated around four to five times since his second month I already have a ready donee.

Sharing my milk to these moms and to their kids eases my problem (lacking freezer space, storage time) and at the same time, eases their problem, too. We also get to talk, share insights and thoughts about breastfeeding... I'm also able to help them in their breastfeeding problems, sharing my experiences with them and also encouraging them to attend breastfeeding support group meeting where they would be able to meet other moms and know that they're not alone in their breastfeeding problems.

Having this problem that I'm happy to have and being able to share this problem to ease another's is something I'm always grateful for. I'm able to provide my baby with my milk and at the same time, provide for another's baby with the abundance of supply that I have.

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    Mec said...

    super happy problem indeed!!!

    Our freezer wasn't great for storing milk because it had to be defrosted once a week... and since I only pumped once a day, I really had no hope of building up a stash for donation.

    Jenny @ Chronicles of A Nursing Mom said...

    finally! you posted and joined! haha! but sometimes not so happy problem din.. kase may mga issues din with oversupply! me is plugged ducts!!

    StartUp Mom said...

    haha i had this problem too!To the point na hindi na makapaggrocery ng frozen goods. But i'm also not complaining, too much breast milk is never a bad thing no?

    Cris said...

    Lacking freezer space, storage time really is a happy problem. I also initially donated milk because of these "problems".

    patgrace said...

    It's one of those problems I'm actually grateful for. And it's easily solved by donating. :)

    Brenda Barrientos said...

    Lack of freezer space is a problem all pumping mamas wish to have!

    Mafeth Molina said...

    Hi Pat! It really indeed is a happy problem! Even though my baby was not able to be your milk recipient, I'm really proud to tell you na you were one big factor kaya I considered accepting milk from my officemate. (Remember how I bombarded you with my SMS questions haha!) You made me realize na it's suuupper ok as long as I know the mom very well.
    Add to the fact na you were my "go to person" when I have any nursing concerns and issues. I owe it to you Pat! =)

    Rachel said...

    Sa next baby ko, sana i'll have this kind of problem... Tama bang nag wish ng ganitong problema? hahaha ;)

    patgrace said...

    haha. oo naman. it's a good problem to have eh. :)

    patgrace said...

    i remember those days! glad to have been of help. saka nakakatulong talaga na sumali sa support group meetings just so you'd know you're not alone. :)