Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jonathan Gabriel's Birth Story - Part 1

It all started on March 28. I wanted to give birth on that Friday, March 30, and I had been trying to walk more to give my birthing time a headstart. I usually walk home from my office and my OB suggested that I walk more to help with the descend of my baby. Why that Friday? So I wouldn’t have to undergo another ultrasound and testing, which meant additional expense since now, I would have to be closely monitored since the last ultrasound I had, my placenta was already matured.

 I had a very sticky discharge that I soon researched as my mucus plug. It was very thick and I actually discovered it sticking on my leg as I was putting on lotion. Haha. I was 38 weeks and 2 days then, two days after my OB stripped my membranes for the second time. I didn’t want to feel excited but I was so ready to give birth that I texted my sister (who’s a med student) and my OB, keeping my fingers crossed that things would progress soon, rather than waiting for a weeks as was the usual text on when active birthing time would start when I researched about my discharge.

I continued to slowly discharge my mucus plug, with no progress on the color as it was still brownish, not reddish that would signal more progress on my cervix’s dilation and course of my birthing time for the next two days. March 29, I even attended a Parents’ Meeting at St. Michael Playhouse and I walked from there to Power Plant Mall to meet up with J. And we bought a new playard and some swaddling blankets. I even walked up and down the stairs several times while carrying Jack-Jack when we got home, hoping that my birthing time would start. March 30, still no progress and my officemates were all “ready” to escort me to the hospital in case birthing time would start. They were practicing panicking and how they would go about leading me out of the production floor since I told them I had a discharge and was having pressure waves at irregular times. Hee. But, to my and their disappointment, nothing happened.

I walked home that Friday and started going up and down the stairs, carried Jack-Jack a couple of times again, when I received a text message from my sister if I wanted to take a walk. I took up on her offer and we walked from home to St. Luke’s. And then we decided to continue walking to Bonifacio High Street and from there, to wait for J to take us home as it would be night time already.

Saturday morning, March 31, still no regular pressure waves. I have been feeling some tightness around my tummy every now and then but nothing to really be aware or concerned about. J and I will be going to St. Luke’s for another NST and BPS just to check if everything’s still ok. We met with my doctor and she said that I’m already 2cm dilated but my cervix seemed to have been higher than her last check, plus, it was still thick. She prescribed some medications to help me efface (evening primrose and Buscopan) and told me to come back the next day at any time and go straight to the Delivery Room (or Genesis, as she called it) and come in for an IE. We told her that we’d be going to the mall again that night and would be walking around and around just to help my birthing time to get started.

And J and I went to Ayala Center. We bought some cloth diapers and we ate dinner and we walked and walked. We started from Greenbelt 3, then Landmark, then SM (where we bought the diapers), then back to Landmark, then around the 5 Greenbelt areas.


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