Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 in Retrospect

The year has come and gone and it's been more than a fortnight since the new year arrived. I have been busy lately, or rather, I haven't given any time to blog and post what's happening with me especially since I'm already in my last trimester and on my way to becoming a new mom the second time around.

2011 has been an interesting year. J and I have gone to several trip with Jack-Jack, once within the country, and once outside the country. We've been to Dumaguete (which I promised we will come back sometime in the future as we now know where the best possible place to stay is) and then we went to Singapore.

It was also the year that I told and nagged J that I have to get pregnant so that the age gap between Jack-Jack and his sibling would be almost three - not too close, yet not to far either. Just about right. I was actually hoping that I would already be pregnant when we went to Singapore just so my expected due date would fall on March this year (as I promised my sister I will try my hardest to give her somebody who has the same birth month as hers. I did get pregnant... But it was after our Singapore trip and I learned it while J was away on a company trip. I took the test a few days before I was due to have my next period, excited because instinct told me I'd be carrying then... And I was right.

2011 was also the year we started seriously potty-training Jack-Jack. I even went so far as to buy a book on how to enforce it gently. Of course, we modified it and I'm glad to say that while he isn't 100% potty-trained, he does go to the toilet when he needs to go (although sometimes with a bit of pushing) and our bed remains dry most days in a month (I can probably count 2-3 times we woke up with a wet patch in the last few months).

And as 2011 was the year Jack-Jack turned two... Well. Terrible Two's it is. We've had shouting matches, crying episodes... I even had to step back and take a breather, get away from it all as I felt too strung, too tough, too hard, too everything and I'm worried I'm making some dent in my son's personality and overall mental behavior than progress. Hay. But I think we're making progress right now. I've purchased several books to help me and J... It's just a matter of finishing them and applying them. Tho we're applying some already as we go along.

It was also the time J and I argued so much, raised voices, and subsequently called for talk time. Must be my hormones. Haha. Yes, I'm blaming them... Then this time around, I'm going to blame post-partum effects. I love J sincerely, though. And I'm always thankful he's by my side and my partner for life.

2011 was also the time I splurged... Again. Le sigh. When will I ever learn? Probably soon. Praying soon. Hoping soon. As two kids will be hard to raise when everything seems to be rising with them.

In the end, I'm grateful for everything that happened last 2011. It's been fun. I've met new people, gained friends, and reconnected with a previous passion, my love of reading.

Here's to a grand 2012. Looking forward to birthing my second baby and bonding with my two kids during my leave. :)

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