Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The start of a journey

I bought a sewing machine last year in the hopes that I'd find the time and resources to learn how to use it and start a hobby that would, hopefully in time, turn into a business so that I can spend more time at home with my son. Sadly, I still haven't really used it, though I already threaded it a few months back. I almost have all the resources. What are missing are the fabric and some other notions.

I found the fabric in Glorietta 5 and Divisoria. Notions were from National Bookstore and Landmark. I even got to photocopy the pattern. So what's stopping me? Time. It seems I have to make time for it, when I can find and make time to read, and still do my mommy duties.

In about four months, I'll be giving birth and I need to start on this project, this journey. You see, I want to sew cloth diapers for this next baby. The instructions seem easy enough and I'm not about to venture into the unknown world of fold-over elastics (FOE) so I'll be sticking with regular polybraid elastics and such.

So I need to make time. I'll probably do it one step at a time. Cut out the pattern copies then trace them to the fabrics. Then cut the fabrics... Then sew.

Hopefully, by making this project, this dream public, I'll be able to start off soon. Besides which, I'll be giving birth soon enough anyway.

And speaking of cloth diapers, I've been researching on how meconium is with cloth diapers. Is it easy to wash? Hard? Does it stain? Thankfully, all my research tells me that it's quite easy to wash off! Yay! If I manage to sew at all, my next goal is to CD by Day 1.

Wish me luck!

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