Monday, December 12, 2011

I just wonder

I've been breastfeeding for 27 months already, 6 of those months pregnant. And with all the hullaballoo's surrounding breastfeeding in public (posts from Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and from the Painter's Wife here and here), I suddenly wonder about it. Why some breastfeeding mothers have no qualms about nursing in public (with or without cover), some prefer to nurse in the comfort of a nursing station, and some would bring expressed milk in bottles when they're out and about with their babies.

I for one, am comfortable nursing in public. It was a struggle at first, I admit, as I was a new mom, with continuously leaking breasts during the first few months, and a demanding son who usually cannot wait until we get to a nursing station. So my nursing poncho from Indigo Baby was always in my bag to cover up when Jack-Jack wanted to nurse. Other covers I used were my ring sling from Next 9, and pouch and SaYa from Indigo Baby. Until I felt comfortable enough to nurse without a cover especially since I already collected enough nursing tops that I can discreetly nurse in public. Of course, my husband was more conscious for me. He'd tell me that it was so obvious I'm breastfeeding and that I should at least cover up and I'd always retort that he noticed since he knew that I really was breastfeeding.

I haven't really been harassed nor was asked to nurse someplace else, except that one time in Circles when a waitress offered a shawl for my use as a cover to which I politely declined. Who would stare at me, anyway, when it was lunch time and we were sitted at a corner? Besides, I chose not to use a cover and thankfully, there was no objection at my refusal.

I love breastfeeding, with all those advantages and convenience it brought to our lives. We didn't have to invest with a lot of bottles nor bottle nipples with different flows (my son never complained that he was stuck with the slow flow nipples until he weaned from the bottle). I only woke my husband up in the middle of the night when I needed help in changing diapers as I didn't have to get up when my son needed to nurse back to sleep. We didn't have to bring bottles with sterile water and powdered milk containers when we go out, nor did we have to worry if we bought enough milk for his consumption or if the temperature was just right.

That's why I wonder... why there were/are mothers who breastfeed their babies and yet they would bring expressed milk when they go out for the baby's consumption. Do they also bring their pumps with them? To replenish their stocks and to empty their breasts since the baby would be getting milk from the bottle and not direct? I'm just curious because like I said, one of the reasons I loved and embraced breastfeeding was because of the convenience. Anybody can enlighten me on this? Is this an unconscious choice due to shying away from breastfeeding in public (which was one of the reasons I thought of when I thought of one reason why I'd bring expressed milk with me)? I'm just thinking out loud as I know someone from my family who brings bottles with expressed milk and gives the bottle to her baby when my niece was hungry. I never really got to ask her why she does that.

So anybody, somebody... Do you know or have any idea why?

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