Monday, November 21, 2011

The search is on

For a new OB. Yes, yes, I know. I'm on my 20th week already. But what can I do? I need someone who is not just accredited with St. Luke's Global City, but also someone who does maternity packages in that hospital. I seriously thought I didn't have to search for a new OB since my current doctor is affiliated there. However, we just found out that she doesn't do packages in St. Luke's. And Makati Med's new packages are just woah. They're more expensive than St. Luke's packages. We can't afford to pay out the same amount like we did when I first gave birth. We have more things to consider this time around and just paying out that much isn't practical.

I've already had a few in mind to check out on but I'm still waiting for feedback and referrals from my trustee online support group. There are already a few referrals but I'm hoping I'd get more by the end of the day so that I can already set an appointment for Saturday.

And because of that... Any referrals?


Anonymous said...

Hi :) Im not sure if my OB does packages.. but she did inform me that St. Luke's currently has this CS Package of less than 100k until December 2011 :) I know it'd be too early for you to give birth by the end of the year but you can always call her to ask if she does packages :D

Dra. Corazon De Jesus
0917 891 10 55

lei said...

Hi, my OB (also sonologist) signed up for the SLMC Global City Package.

Dra. Elisa Cornelio

Clinic hours:
Saturday 9am-12nn,
Rm 1117 medical arts bldg
Tel 7897700 ext 7117