Monday, November 21, 2011

The search is on

For a new OB. Yes, yes, I know. I'm on my 20th week already. But what can I do? I need someone who is not just accredited with St. Luke's Global City, but also someone who does maternity packages in that hospital. I seriously thought I didn't have to search for a new OB since my current doctor is affiliated there. However, we just found out that she doesn't do packages in St. Luke's. And Makati Med's new packages are just woah. They're more expensive than St. Luke's packages. We can't afford to pay out the same amount like we did when I first gave birth. We have more things to consider this time around and just paying out that much isn't practical.

I've already had a few in mind to check out on but I'm still waiting for feedback and referrals from my trustee online support group. There are already a few referrals but I'm hoping I'd get more by the end of the day so that I can already set an appointment for Saturday.

And because of that... Any referrals?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My mom was surprised

That I can still breastfeed Jack-Jack despited being pregnant. She found out when we were going home from his second-cousin's birthday party and he asked for milk. I knew he was already tired and wanted some snuggling, which meant that as soon as he latches, his eyes would roll upwards, as if on a high, then slowly closing until he was fast asleep. And they did. It wasn't even five minutes and he was already dozing off.

Mama was surprised that Jack-Jack was still nursing from me, despite already drinking Nido, and despite me being pregnant. But she didn't say anything negative about it. In fact, she was amazed at how our body works, to be able to provide to my babies both in and out of my tummy. Well, so was I.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Still breastfeeding after 2 years

Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (November). For this month, we focus on extended breastfeeding. Participants will share their experiences and tips on breastfeeding their child/ren beyond 12 months. Please scroll down to the end of the post and check out the other carnival participants."

When I first got pregnant, one of the things that I immediately decided upon was that I'd breastfeed my child. And if he ever self-weaned before he was two, I told myself that I'd pump and give my expressed milk to him until his 2nd birthday just so that he'd be getting all those wonderful benefits of breastmilk. Especially since my husband's side of the family has all those illnesses I don't want my son to have when he'd grow older.

Well, now, Jack-Jack's already 25 months old, and with no sign of weaning anytime soon. I admittedly stopped expressing milk for him around a month before his 2nd birthday, because it was admittedly tiresome to lug around a cold bag with milk in it everyday, and also because there wasn't a dedicated lactation room in our office at that time that I pump inside a toilet cubicle. Yes, it's admittedly not the best place but even the clinic is crowded. I recently heard that there's now a lactation room but I have yet to inquire if it's true. I supplemented my diminishing supply of expressed milk with fresh milk and powdered milk (which I forgot to up the amount when my stash was completely consumed until his pedia check-up, thus the dilemna on his weight gain which I posted here and moaned about it here). But despite that, he still nurses directly from me before he goes to sleep at night, and when we're together during the weekends and I'm trying to make him nap. Even now when I'm already pregnant with my 2nd.

So our breastfeeding relationship continues. Our still on-going journey is like this: having a correct latch from the onset, minor problems on sore nipples during the first month, no biting when he was teething but he loves pulling my nipples out when he was done, having to slowly take it out when he's already fast asleep since he doesn't have the habit of letting it go himself, pulling my shirt up or tugging the neckline down when he wanted his milk, playing with me at night like trying/joking to latch on with my shirt still covering my breast, and several other instances like acrobatic stunts while nursing himself to sleep.

At 5 months...

At 21 months...

It was, and still is, a pretty easy relationship, despite having those sore nipples at the start or the (what I thought then as) neverending sessions during the first 2 weeks or not being to sleep longer than 3 hours during the night as he nurses in the middle of the night.

I think we're slowly on the way to weaning, in my opinion at least, as he now rarely roots for the breast in the middle of the night. Of course, I still wake up due to my full bladder courtesy of my pregnancy. It's one step towards his self-weaning. But I'm in no rush. It's now one of the precious moments I cherish since he's already growing up and I feel that it'd be one of the ways that he wouldn't feel left out when the new baby comes out. Until the day he's ready to stop requesting for my breast, I wouldn't refuse him when he asks.

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