Monday, October 24, 2011

"This kid is driving me crazy!"

Yes. I'm echoing Robert Munsch's line from his book Love you Forever which I love to read and I usually sing to my son at night. However, yes! Jack-Jack is driving me crazy at 25 months!

He has bad eating habits which I know and feel guilty about because he must have picked it up from us. It's just that I'm not sure how to correct it. And it saddens me and irks me because while there are a lot of times he'd eat so eagerly and would ask for seconds, there are times he wouldn't even touch his rice and just eat the meat. Or, he's like a mouse, he'd bite on one piece, put it back on his plate, then bite another one and so on and so forth. But he wouldn't finish all even if there are only a few pieces. I'm finding it hard to really feed him, and he's underweight already as it is.

It's also hard to make him fall asleep. Even if we have a semi-established bedtime routine, most nights it's a struggle to make him sleep. Just like last night. He didn't take a nap so it should have been easy making him sleep. But it was just the opposite. He was still bouncing off the walls and he'd keep on asking for the potty twice in a row even if it's just a trickle and he'd keep on going down the bed. I had to roughly push him back on his bed with a shout until he cried. Then I told him sorry while I held him, but that he's being very naughty and mommy wants to sleep already and that mommy also knows he's already tired. He leaned on me with half-closed eyes, echoing what I said with a sleepy voice. And that was the only time he did lie down and proceeded to sleep.

It's exhausting, frustrating, irritating, and even saddening. I know and I admit I might have missed something but I do plan on slowly trying to correct it before it becomes permanent. But I need help, especially my husband's. I have to be firm, but still caring and understanding. But I need J's support in this. Besides, the cycle isn't healthy for my pregnancy. So I really need an overhaul. And a peaceful mind.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carriers vs Strollers: In celebration of International Babywearing Week

Because it's International Babywearing Week, I just thought it appropriate to share with you my thoughts between travelling with baby using a stroller vs a baby carrier.

I've been using baby carriers since Jack-Jack was a newborn. It did add some bulk to our diaper bag but the ease and convenience of going around crowded places, just minding your own footwork and making sure no one bumps into your baby's head was nothing short of great. I never had difficulty going up or down a floor or level of a shopping mall, I never minded where I'm going. I just made sure that baby was safe. I actually owned several baby carriers which I blogged about here. For a rundown of the carriers I own and owned: 2 ring slings by Jen Tan, a Blissfulbabes pouch, a Kangaroo Korner mesh pouch, a SaYa, a Baby K'Tan, and a mei tai. I've sold some but I retained four carriers.

Before Jack-Jack hit his second year, we wore him less and we sometimes forget to bring a carrier when we go out since he was very active already and liked to walk around. But then he would get tired and cranky and sleep so up he goes. Which resulted to aching arms and backs. That was why we thought maybe it was time we buy a stroller for him. It would especially be useful when Jack-Jack would fall asleep. We bought one and for a while, he liked sitting on his stroller. But that was only about two to three times. And those few times only lasted when he was asleep, or as soon as we got out of the car. Most of the time, the stroller became our shopping cart, wherein the diaper bag was sitting on the seat, shopping bags hanging on the stroller's handles...

While the weightless feeling of not having to carry Jack-Jack was very much welcome, the hassle that came with using a stroller was not. I was always annoyed at having to push the stroller since I now seldom carry him for long periods because of my pregnancy. I hated having to go around stairs on malls and find the ramp so I can go smoothly. It was a hassle going on escalators. I always had to mind where the wheels were going so as not to roll on somebody's foot. The first few times I ran over my husband's toes and he was really upset. What can I do? I'm not used to going around on wheels!

But then after those few times, he didn't want to sit on his stroller! He instead wanted to push it with us. And even after he'd fall asleep on our arms and we'd try to transfer him to his stroller, no more luck. That's why we're actually selling it right now.

So now, we're back to using carriers. Although I actually am looking at buying a soft-structured carrier, like the Boba 3G.

I guess my previous paragraph said it all. Baby carriers are better. Plus, my kid was more behaved when he was carried than when he was in the stroller.

And to end this post, a video I saw from Boba Family's site. View on full screen to fully appreciate the video. :)