Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Potty-training at night had started

Last night, as per usual for quite some time now, we had difficulty getting Jack-Jack into his nighttime diaper. We already let him wear just briefs during the day as we’re already potty-training him so it’s only during the night that we put him in diaper to avoid leaks on the bed. However, since we’re always fighting on getting him to wear his diaper, I decided last night to just let him sleep in his brief and just use his old comforter as some sort of protection in case he’d pee during the night. J and I actually agreed before that we’d let him sleep without a diaper when we finally buy him his own bed. But I wanted the constant struggle at night to stop so we let him be last night.

As we sleep and I’d wake up during the night to use the toilet, I would constantly feel if Jack-Jack already peed. And I would always sigh in relief and say a quick thank you when I feel that he’s dry. I’d also try to check if his bottom was still safe on top of the old comforter.

Thankfully, as the sun rose, Jack-Jack stayed dry. And when he finally woke up, I half-convinced half-dragged him to the toilet to let him pee. And I praised him and told him he did a good job staying dry during the night.

All in all, it was a liberating experience. I know we would have leaks some nights as Jack-Jack’s still in training. But the important thing was, we started to really stop using diapers, even at night.

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