Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Babywearing Meet 3 - some insights

Babywearing Meet parts 1 and 2 were held at Starbucks Fort. The first one consisted of only a small group of people, more or less 20 people including the organizers. It was held last May and it was quite informal. The different types of carriers were introduced and those who came wanting to learn the slings they bought or received were given attention and were taught how to properly use them.

Babywearing Meet 2 was held last July 2. And it was such a success since there were a lot of moms and some dads who went. We crowded at the 2nd floor of Startbucks Fort. It was a bit chaotic as there were a lot of moms but there were more... instructors (the momprenuers who make/sell the carriers) who assisted the newbies. I was there to, well, observe, really. And see if there's anything new I'd learn or there's a new product out there I'd be able to try.

The third one was held last Saturday, September 24, at Gymboree in Shangri-La. It was more organized and structured, as there was a presentation by Jen Tan about the history and safety guidelines in babywearing. There was a newcomer to the meet, the makers of a wrap called the Bailey Wrap which Jenny came across thru me, most likely. Haha. It was the wrap that really made me want to go there although I already had plans since I wanted to go gathering with like-minded parents when I am available. It was so exciting as I wanted to try using a wrap every since I was pregnant with my first but the wraps were only available online and shipping and the price itself were something I had to think about lots of times. So, with the coming of a local maker of wraps, how can I resist?

I tried it and I liked it! I want it for my new baby. I have a picture at Eli's blog using it with Jack-Jack with Grace, the marketer/co-owner of Bailey Wrap. I want to buy one now while my belly's not yet so big and I want to try using it for a back carry. Hee.

But, I will wait. My cousin promised me she'd buy it for me. If all else fails and I'm not patient enough, I'd buy a manly color so J can use it and practice already before the new baby comes.

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