Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weaning from the pump... and then some

It's been a few days since I last pumped when I get home from the office. My son now drink powdered milk during the day and nurses directly from me during the night. I would have wanted to continue giving to him purely breastmilk but having changed jobs, I now don't have the luxury of time to express in the office, thus limiting my pumping break to twice before, then once, then just at home when I get back from the office, to not at all. It's quite heartbreaking, honestly, but also liberating at the same time.

Heartbreaking because I wanted to continue to give him and have him drink my milk, purely, until he is 2 years old. Liberating because now I don't have to worry if I have enough milk stocked for him when I'm away.

He's so big now, and he seems to not need me that much anymore. But then he'd do these sweet little things, like hang on to me on my back while I'm reading to him, and then he'd be giggling and laughing... or lean his cheek on my shoulder while he's bubbling with laughter... And then he'd ask for milk, like he couldn't get enough of it during the night, like he's dependent on it to getting really comfortable in bed...

I think it's just as well, since like I've said before, we're gearing and planning on having our next child. At least I know it wouldn't be so hard on him when we would, in fact, expect a little one.


Ina-Tatay said...

Hi Pat Grace,

I'm also a breastfeeding mom in Davao and whenever I find a blog written by nursing blogger it feels like I instantly find a connection. Your efforts are paying off - your boy is not afraid to show affection. You gave him a priceless gift!

Pat Grace said...

Hi! That's what I feel, too! :) Thanks for the compliment. Even if he's now on the terrible two's stage, he'd spontaneously hug us and it feels gratifying to know that even if I raise my voice at him at times for being too naughty, it doesn't affect our closeness.