Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacay Monday

Ok. That's actually vacation Monday but what the heck. I'm currently on vacation leave (VL) from work due to an enormous amount of changes that happened the past few weeks and they were all jumbled up that management had to step back and rethink their strategy. Tomorrow will be a new day, and hopefully, the start of something better.

Anyway, I was supposed to go out earlier because I wanted to shop for some fabrics and then try to use the sewing machine we bought last year but... I got lazy. So I just cleaned my make-up brushes...

and mineral make-up containers (so that I can use them for the sample pigments I bought)...

while my little prince sleeps by.

Oh, well. Time to get some rest, anyway. We've been to Singapore two weeks ago then my grandma died and we've been to the province for the past two weekends because of that. And then we did some grocery shopping yesterday to fill our fridge and pantry.

It's been pretty draining, both personally and financially. Hee.

As a last note, here's a panoramic view of the last Babywearing Meet I attended:

Benz and a few others blogged about it's massive success. :)

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