Friday, July 1, 2011

To my sweet albeit eccentric grandma

Truth be told, I've been waiting for the time that you would finally feel no pain. That you'd finally be with lolo and tita Emen. But I never expected it to be this soon. Or maybe, while I was waiting for it, I didn't want to be true.

Sorry I wasn't able to come on your birthday, and wasn't able to come the next day which I told my sister I would. I was too busy with personal things that I forgot family is more important and not being able to be there left me with a guilty heart.

You were still active when we last saw you during your wedding anniversary. And there were many times after that I wanted to come and visit you but didn't find the time.

Thank you for being able to come on my wedding, despite your hesitations. Thank you for accepting my husband in our family, and for always looking for my son when my sister or another family member comes to visit you.

I'll miss you. But I know you're in good hands now. You won't feel pain anymore. You're free. And you're with lolo and tita Emen now. Look out over us, lola.

I love you.

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