Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In less than 2 months

My Jack-Jack is turning two. TWO! I can't belive how time flies so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when I couldn't leave the house without all my pumping supplies because he was still too dependent on my milk and I have to keep up with my milk supply.

But now... I can go out without my pump. I now pump just once at home, for his consumption the next day. He's also drinking powdered milk, and eating alot, and running around alot... He can now say No when he doesn't like something, and he would say Again when he likes something.

Last weekend, J bought him a stroller. It's for his use when he's tired and sleepy and we're still out and about. We bought it at Youji & Me and while we were there, he was fascinated with all the other toys there. And so I'll be buying him this:

And this:

And maybe some other stuff. :) It's time to update his toys. Hee. It's his birthday, anyway.


Colorblind said...

ako ano regalo mo sakin? hehe...

bilis nga! 2 na si jackie!!!

cute ng toys! wooden talaga eh, para long lasting!

mother knows best! naks haha!

Pat Grace said...

hahaha. saka ang cute eh. hehehe. pero pang 3-yrs old pa daw yung piano. paki ko. hahaha