Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ever changing

As the norm in my company, change happens any second everyday. And boy, there have been a lot we've gone through the past few months. And this past few days! Imagine being advised last Monday that we'll be using this process. Then being told the next day that we won't be doing that anymore. Then come Wednesday, there's a new process in the works. Then today, there's a new process in place and we're to implement them NOW. PLUS, there's a new system we'd be using and we need to get used to the interface in 2 days... wait, scrap that, 1 day because we'd be using that live next week already. And oh. Aside from the system training, we'll also be training for a new process as our department, which is currently divided into two groups, will now merge. We'll now be doing two completely different processes, so that whatever workload we'll be getting in our queue, we'll be able to work on it.

Meaning, we might be having weekend trainings because of that. Add to that, I'm not even in production as somebody needs to attend the meetings that our supervisor is supposed to attend but since our supervisor is yet to be formally announced, I'm not appointed as the point-person.

I need some positive energy.

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