Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ever changing

As the norm in my company, change happens any second everyday. And boy, there have been a lot we've gone through the past few months. And this past few days! Imagine being advised last Monday that we'll be using this process. Then being told the next day that we won't be doing that anymore. Then come Wednesday, there's a new process in the works. Then today, there's a new process in place and we're to implement them NOW. PLUS, there's a new system we'd be using and we need to get used to the interface in 2 days... wait, scrap that, 1 day because we'd be using that live next week already. And oh. Aside from the system training, we'll also be training for a new process as our department, which is currently divided into two groups, will now merge. We'll now be doing two completely different processes, so that whatever workload we'll be getting in our queue, we'll be able to work on it.

Meaning, we might be having weekend trainings because of that. Add to that, I'm not even in production as somebody needs to attend the meetings that our supervisor is supposed to attend but since our supervisor is yet to be formally announced, I'm not appointed as the point-person.

I need some positive energy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In less than 2 months

My Jack-Jack is turning two. TWO! I can't belive how time flies so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when I couldn't leave the house without all my pumping supplies because he was still too dependent on my milk and I have to keep up with my milk supply.

But now... I can go out without my pump. I now pump just once at home, for his consumption the next day. He's also drinking powdered milk, and eating alot, and running around alot... He can now say No when he doesn't like something, and he would say Again when he likes something.

Last weekend, J bought him a stroller. It's for his use when he's tired and sleepy and we're still out and about. We bought it at Youji & Me and while we were there, he was fascinated with all the other toys there. And so I'll be buying him this:

And this:

And maybe some other stuff. :) It's time to update his toys. Hee. It's his birthday, anyway.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The tawas experience

Jack-Jack had skin blisters that weren't healing up as they were itchy and he kept on scratching them, causing them to swell until pus built up on those wounds whenever we'd see signs of those wounds drying up, he'd scratch them again, repeating the cycle.

We suspected they were due to an insect bite on his leg that was too itchy he can't keep his hands of them and since he'd be scratching that and then scratch other parts of his body, it spread, especially when the wound already produced pus. It was almost a week, and there were no signs of those healing up. We decided to take him to the doctor today, as soon as J can set an appointment yesterday.

However, our nanny apparently had other ideas. My husband texted me yesterday afternoon that our nanny called a mag-tatawas (a faith-healer) to perform some ritual on Jack-Jack. She said later on when I got home that she was trying to call J to tell him that she was going to call a faith-healer to check what's wrong with my son but he wasn't answering so she just went ahead and called the healer.

The healer pricked my son's wounds to get the pus out using yellow ginger, and bathed him in water infused with atis leaves, using classic Safeguard soap. Those were ok. Until my nanny said that the reason the wounds weren't getting any better and multiplying was because there are dwarves in our house that our nanny angered. She said that those dwarves were playing on my son. And when I got home, there was an offering in our garage. And another thing. The reason why my son wasn't getting... fatter was because he had pilay.

Now, I have no problems resorting to faith-healers, but please do it after we got a doctor's opinion since we were already calling for an appointment. It just irks me that she did it without consulting us first. Yes, maybe she was thinking that we might be blaming her or something but we don't. Yes, she's concerned about her charge but so are we. I'm just not panicking because I know it's treatable and yes, Jack-Jack might look kawawa but we are already setting up a doctor's appointment so that his wounds can be treated.

Well. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again. Because I wouldn't be able to hold myself from speaking out if it does.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacay Monday

Ok. That's actually vacation Monday but what the heck. I'm currently on vacation leave (VL) from work due to an enormous amount of changes that happened the past few weeks and they were all jumbled up that management had to step back and rethink their strategy. Tomorrow will be a new day, and hopefully, the start of something better.

Anyway, I was supposed to go out earlier because I wanted to shop for some fabrics and then try to use the sewing machine we bought last year but... I got lazy. So I just cleaned my make-up brushes...

and mineral make-up containers (so that I can use them for the sample pigments I bought)...

while my little prince sleeps by.

Oh, well. Time to get some rest, anyway. We've been to Singapore two weeks ago then my grandma died and we've been to the province for the past two weekends because of that. And then we did some grocery shopping yesterday to fill our fridge and pantry.

It's been pretty draining, both personally and financially. Hee.

As a last note, here's a panoramic view of the last Babywearing Meet I attended:

Benz and a few others blogged about it's massive success. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

To my sweet albeit eccentric grandma

Truth be told, I've been waiting for the time that you would finally feel no pain. That you'd finally be with lolo and tita Emen. But I never expected it to be this soon. Or maybe, while I was waiting for it, I didn't want to be true.

Sorry I wasn't able to come on your birthday, and wasn't able to come the next day which I told my sister I would. I was too busy with personal things that I forgot family is more important and not being able to be there left me with a guilty heart.

You were still active when we last saw you during your wedding anniversary. And there were many times after that I wanted to come and visit you but didn't find the time.

Thank you for being able to come on my wedding, despite your hesitations. Thank you for accepting my husband in our family, and for always looking for my son when my sister or another family member comes to visit you.

I'll miss you. But I know you're in good hands now. You won't feel pain anymore. You're free. And you're with lolo and tita Emen now. Look out over us, lola.

I love you.