Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hating the work he loves, and other things

For the past few days, I've been constantly joking and teasing my husband for his absence at home during sleeping hours due to the demands of his work. He had to go to various provinces just to cater to the woes and wants of the people in-charge there. For the past month, he hadn't a full week of sleeping at home. He'd usually leave at night to catch the bus going to Baguio so that he'd arrive there early the next morning, or he'd leave early the next day to ride a plane going to Naga. Then he'd be at those provinces for at least two nights. He even didn't complete my birthday week last month at home! If I remember correctly, he had an overnight call Monday to Tuesday, then he left again on Thursday and got back Friday.

And so I'd always tease him that while here I was, waiting for the right time to get pregnant while he's out there, maybe impregnating some woman I don't know. I'd tease him that Jack-Jack would have a sibling in Naga, in Baguio, next month in Hong Kong and Australia! I'm sure he was getting pissed off or irritated at me for going on and on like that. It's just that it's frustrating because I feel like he's never home. I know that all those trips he had or will be having are all part of his work but it would have been better if he was getting compensated for all the clients he was able to bring to the company with all those trips instead of the credit going to the relationship managers he was assisting. He said that the last trips he'd go to would be those scheduled next month. Let's just see.

On another note, we'll be going to Singapore in two weeks! I've been researching online on the laws and policies they have regarding breastfeeding in public. I may have to ask N@W for input as there are several members there who are living in Singapore.

And speaking of breastfeeding, Jack-Jack's been clingy these past few days. I'm not sure if it's because he somehow feels that we're already planning for another baby or it's just because he really needs to be soothed for something he still can't express verbally... He asks for milk almost all the time when we're together. I can waylay him with a biscuit or some other food or another activity but then, after a few minutes, he'd go back and ask for milk. I don't know... If I can't persuade him to do another, I just give in and drop almost everything that I'm doing.