Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thoughts on continuing breastfeeding while pregnant

No. I'm not pregnant. YET. Yes. That's a "yet" there as we're planning (or rather I'm planning as my husband really has no choice but to participate, heehee) to get pregnant by next month so that I'll be able to give birth on March (due to the insistent request of my sister that I give her someone to celebrate her birth month with). And as the exciting prospect of trying to get pregnant this time as the conception of my first-born was unplanned, comes the question, "Is my body fit to breastfeed while pregnant?"

I've tried reading articles from kellymom.com, listened to Abbie Yabot talk about tandem nursing her last two kids... But still, it's a case to case basis and while I'm psyched to get pregnant again, I'm also worried on my on-going breastfeeding relationship with my son.

I love breastfeeding him. Even when there are days I feel am too tired, too cranky to breastfeed him as he demands, I cannot and will not exchange those moments. I don't want that relationship to end until he is ready. And he clearly is not. When I'm home, he likes climbing up to my lap to breastfeed, and it's usually during the hours that we're due to eat, or when he's supposed to be sleeping already. I'm still his human-pacifier at 20, going on 21 months.

And so the question remains... Is my body fit? Because I'm not the healthiest eater. And to be able to survive pregnancy while nursing my toddler, I have to change my eating habits. Plus I have to discontinue my new love of Paola's cookies, which I tried just like weekend!

But, I still do want to get pregnant. I'm ready to share my love to another baby. Plus, I don't want the age gap between my son and the next to be too big. Three years is just right.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picture of the months...

Yes, months. Because I kind of neglected posting for the past few months. I had a few posts in draft but I forgot what I was going to say so...

Anyway, here are the pictures.

[March 16, 2011]

[April 18, 2011]

[May 1, 2011]

Yes, yes, I know. They're not taken on the 15th. What can I do? I'm forgetful that way. Hee. :)