Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year for 2010

As the end of the day nears, so does the end of the year. In a few hours, people will start dating with 2011. So let me reminisce some of the highlights of my year...

  • Pumping at work... and other places - I started the year pumping at work using a Medela Freestyle that I bought online. It gave me a sense of freedom as I was able to do other things while pumping. I can go online, check the washing machine, read books, while my pump is hard at work expressing milk for my baby when we're not together.

    As pumping is necessary for me to keep up my supply and the demands of my baby, I had to pump at various places. At my previous work, I pumped in the clinic, making use of the enclosed area specifically for that purpose, or sitting atop a bed when that area was being used. At my current work, I tried pumping at the clinic but I wasn't assured of the privacy I need as the clinic's beds aren't covered/separated completely by curtains. So, I had to make-do and use the toilet stalls instead.

    I also had an experience pumping inside a vehicle, in the front passenger seat in a van, going back to Manila from a tree planting activity in Angat Dam, with my officemates riding at the back, not knowing that I was already expressing milk until I was done. It was a priceless moment. They were all surprised that I was already doing my thing and they didn't even know about it!

    I also experienced pumping inside a toilet in a videoke bar, with 3 girls in line since there was only a sink and the toilet stall. I was standing beside the sink, with a woman inside the stall, another woman beside me, AND another one outside the main door...

  • Breastfeeding in Public - At the start of the year, I used a nursing cover to prevent boob exposure when I would nurse my baby in public. But as the months went by and his awareness increased, he would push at the cover and consequently expose us to onlookers (when most of the time, it's just my husband). From then on, I did away with the cover, and just picked semi-private spots or I would just turn away from most of the public view so as not to expose my boob when my son would unlatch and turn his head to where some noise is coming from. I can't remember exactly when I stopped using a cover as it bothered him and in turn, got us unwanted attention when most everyone else wouldn't even spare us a glance had he just nursed calmly under his cover. So no more cover for us and since I wasn't that conscious any more of breastfeeding in public, I didn't really care.

    My husband is more conservative about it but I told him it's actually just him who notices what we're doing since HE knows it so he doesn't count as an onlooker.

    There are still times that I do admit I'm a bit conscious when it comes to breastfeeding in public (especially in church) but I'd just shrug it off. My baby wants his milk at that time and so I whip out the boob. End of the story.

  • Babywearing - I had a total of 6 carriers this year, 3 of which I've already sold to others. I started with a ring sling, then a pouch, then a SaYa, then a Kangaroo Korner mesh pouch, then a Baby K'Tan, then a mei tai. I loved using and carrying my baby in all of them but to keep my husband from telling me of and curbing our growing expenses, I just kept my ring sling, the mesh pouch, and the mei tai.

    The mei tai is our go to carrier now as it evenly distributes my baby's weight on both shoulders. I just now have to master carrying him at the back for longer babywearing.

  • Cloth diapers - I went gaga over these. I bought a LOT online. I'd buy from an online store and have them ship the items to my trusted courier in the US then that courier would ship the items here. My credit card bills grew because of these BUT I do not regret buying those. I should have thought of buying those in before instead of buying the other carriers. Hee. But it's never too late. I now have 4 Thirsties fitteds, Kissaluvs organic cotton/hemp fitteds, Dream Eze fitteds, and Antsy Pants trainers.

    Because of the beauty and eco-friendliness of cloth diapers, I now want to go and sew and share the love to people here since it's not yet that popular here. Plus, the cloth diapers being sold here are mostly imports. I only know of about 4 locally made ones.
Aside from those, I moved to a different bank in the middle of November, I've been researching and researching about cloth diapers, and I've been trying to cope with a 15-month old boy who's had it late with teething pains... So now, here in the Barcelona room of the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, I wish you all a Happy New Year and may you all be blessed with the Grace of God next year!

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Amanda said...

Oh I am so impressed by you and your decision to get rid of the cover for breastfeeding. If you want to check out my post, I just wrote about this too, except I haven't had quite as much strength as you to go without cover! I can completely relate to LO not wanting the cover on their face- I know I wouldn't!!! If you're interested you can read my post, "Where do you breastfeed in public?" here: