Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I feel like I haven't blogged in like, forever, but of course, it's just been a few weeks. But yes, it's still a long time since I even logged in to Blogger. I have several drafts of entries, which are, up to this date, still not complete but... Oh, well.

Anyway. I've a new job and I'm still in training. I'm slowly acquiring new friends, learning my way around the building (which still confuses me especially in the morning and I enter thru the back door), and learning about my job and the product specifics that I'd be handling. It's a little bit overwhelming, information overload, and sometimes, when questions are suddenly asked, I know that I know that answer but I can't seem to articulate my thoughts. Ah well. And tomorrow... Gosh. I think we'd be having a foreigner do our training.

And now, my baby's one year old already. He's eating more solids, I guess consuming less milk while I'm away, so I'm thinking if I can already reduce my pumping breaks to 2 while I'm in the office. I'm still debating with it since the commute to and from home is only around 5-10 mins. Which means, I'd be able to directly nurse him when I get home in case he'd be asking for milk already by then.

What else... OH. No more uniform. Wee. But more expenses. I need my backpay, like ASAP.


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