Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jack-Jack's first birthday

Exactly one year ago at 3:30am, I woke up with painful cramps in the stomach not knowing but feeling sure that on that day, I'd be giving birth. Today, that miracle called Joaquin Gregory celebrates his first year.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK-JACK! Mommy and Daddy loves you very much.
And oh! I'm also celebrating one year of breastfeeding.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday jack-jack and congratulations to you for breastfeeding for a year! i envy you.

Newlyweds said...

Happy Birthday Jack-jack!

*mae* said...

Happy birthday, Jack-jack! Congrats also on your breastfeeding anniversary! I wish I could do the same when our little Johan comes out.

Pat Grace said...

Thanks, all!

Mae - You can do it. It's not easy at the start (heck, there are still times it's difficult and it's been a year already!) but as long as you dedicate yourself to it, it won't be that difficult. Arm yourself with knowledge on it and it'd be fine. :)