Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Filled to the Brim

I am slowly feeling too taut, too tight, too full. I can't seem to properly manage what I need to do. A lot of tasks have been delegated to me and they're all due almost at the same day... It's becoming quite a handful and while I know I can do them all, it'd be really nice if I wouldn't be bombarded with extra stuff that can be done by others (or themselves) so I can focus on what extras I've taken on.

Le sigh. I'm hoping they hire the replacement soon.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Posts, posts, posts

I've a lot of topics in mind that I haven't written a post on...

  • Like the time we went to Music 21 (July 23, 2010) and I had to pump in the water closet (toilet separated with a door from the sink), door locked, then somebody knocks, and I cautiously open the door because it's very insistent and say that I'm pumping, and then she begs because she desperately needs to pee, then I kinda cover the flanges with the bottles hanging down from my breasts and I just stand as still as I could on the side, then two more women come in, and then finally, I can lock the door again but I was already done.

  • Like the time J and I watched Cats (July 25, 2010) and almost dozing off during one scene, but then really enjoyed all the performances and theatrics of the cats (with which I fell in love with Rum Tum Tugger's sexy moves... hahaha. And voice, of course), and then learning later on that Lea actually didn't have to act so much like being an old cat since she's actually limping due to a sprain in her ankle.

  • Like the time current president Noynoy Aquino had his first SONA (July 26, 2010), and a lot of people were looking for his strategies, his steps, his plans in his speech when what he said actually addresses the title of the speech, which is the State of the Nation Address. He did say what's the state of the nation. And actually, that's what I would like to hear, instead of repeating his promises during the presidential campaign and then waiting if he'll make good of his promises. Better to hear how the country is doing and then seeing results after he saw the problems.

  • Like last Saturday (August 7, 2010) when we went to Ipo Dam for a tree planting activity in the office and I had to pump for about five or so minutes in the van just so I won't get engorged during the activity, and then pumping for around ten minutes (I wasn't able to check) inside the van while J was driving and my officemates were at the back and they didn't even know I was pumping until I finished.

  • Like the time I was daydreaming of already near the process of launching my business idea and was looking for testers... I'm wishing and hoping it's near and that it'd be a success. I'm thinking it will be and I have to do it really soon.

  • Like the time I was thinking how fast time flew and Jack-Jack will be turning one year old exactly next month.