Thursday, June 17, 2010

P.C. Cast and her magic, and my love of reading

While I try to reminisce and put into words my family and my office department's Coron Adventure, let me write a quick post.

A few weeks ago, I just finished PC Cast's latest installment on the HoN series, Burned, I found myself searching online for other books that Cast wrote. I found the Goddess Summoning series, Divine series, and the Partholon series (for young adult [YA] readers). As I was completely enamored with the way she wrote HoN, I was quite sure that I'd love whatever she had written. And so I searched for summaries of her other works and found them all in her blog and picked a few titles to which I initially found interesting and proceeded to look for a free ebook download. I know, I know, I should be paying and buying and all that but those other books aren't available locally and I thought why do I need to pay if someone is willing to share the book?

Anyway, I started out with Goddess of the Sea, then Goddess of the Rose, and then Warrior Rising, and the rest was history. I was swept by her magic, by the way she describes the characters and how they evolve into the story. After finishing with the Goddess Summoning series, I then delved into the alternate and mirror world of Partholon via the Divine Series. And again, I was swept away by her words and her magical world, the world of Partholon where Epona, the Celtic horse goddess, reigns. I love it. And I just finished the latest installment of the Partholon series for YA readers, which is Brighid's quest and I can't wait for the next one as the book left a lot of loose ends.

It has been a long time since I've read something good and something engaging that I couldn't wait for more. I've always loved reading fiction novels and fantasy worlds and since giving birth, I haven't really had the time to really sit down and read a good book. Thank God for ebooks and my husband's netbook that I manage to read a few chapters (or more) after putting my baby to sleep in our dimly light room.

And now, after finishing Stephenie Meyer's The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, I'm back to the Vampirates and it's latest installment, Black Heart. I'm sure my sister is itching to get the copy from me. And then afterwhich, I'd dive into the world of fallen angels and vampires, Eternal, which was recommended to me by a salesman in PowerBooks.

I missed reading and I missed losing myself into fantasy. Maybe next time, I'd go back to the world of the Wheel of Time, especially since the series has already ended. I would have to start at the first book, however, and then work my way to the fourth book which all have, and then slowly restart my collection by buying the fifth, until the twelfth book.

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