Saturday, May 8, 2010

My babywearing stash... and the wish for a mei tai

Let's see now... I have 5 carriers on hand. I have 2 pouches, 2 8-type/hybrid sling, and a ring sling.

The very first carrier I got was a RJellybean ring sling that I bought in Rustan's Makati. I bought it when I was still pregnant. I used it, or tried to use it when baby was just 4 days old when we went back to the hospital for the newborn screening.

I wasn't confident in wearing it at first so it became a trial and error thing for me until I just went and bought a pouch.

Then, I didn't realize that the pouch was big for me since my baby's lowest point is below my waist. But, I was more comfortable wearing that so... it didn't really matter. Plus, I was always looking if baby was comfortable so...

Then came the SaYa. I was in babywearing heaven. It was comfortable as it is worn on both shoulders, and I managed to use it after the first try. I had a bit of trouble with the cradle carry then but after some help and explanations... voila! It has become my go-to carrier.

So after having three carriers, I still want more. I've been searching around the net, discovering a lot of other types of carriers and then I discovered the Baby K'Tan. I wanted one! Plus, it already has the sash for added security that wasn't included in the SaYa. I did buy it. And found it more comfortable and softer than my SaYa.

I became a happy camper. I'd have both hands free. When Jack-Jack's asleep, that's the only time I have to support his head so it wouldn't loll around. And I'd still have my other hand for doing other things. Although these things I can do with almost all my carriers, I can do these more... securely with my SaYa and K'tan.

And oh! I also have another pouch. It's a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Mesh Pouch that I'm planning on using when we go swimming. Which... well, we haven't done so yet but I can't wait! I'm a bit concerned with the sizing though, as I feel it's a bit too snug but then again, it's not an uncomfortable snugness. Just snug. Maybe I wasn't used to that kind of snugness in a pouch since my original pouch is big for me.

And alas... More pictures of me babywearing. :D

And daddy wearing baby...

And right now... I want a mei tai, so that I can wear baby on my back. I can actually wear Jack-Jack on my back with the K'Tan but I'd be needing some help so I want one with which I can put my baby on my back by myself... And the mei tai just sounds perfect. Now, I need to know where I can buy a second-hand one as the brand new ones are too expensive for me. Plus, I have to have them shipped here so... Help??


Editha said...

Hi there, is K'Tan available in the Philippines? Where can I buy one? Sounds very fun to use.

Pat Grace said...

Hi Editha! It's not available here (I bought it online and had it sent to a relative's house who was going back home then) but there's one available that is similar in design and that is the SaYa. It's the third picture. I'm actually contemplating selling one or two of my carriers since I'm kind of bent on getting a mei tai. So if you want to try one without splurging, you can just email me. :)

Jenny said...

also a babywearing and nursing mama here. I have a similar post - but thinking back and after doing research, i won't be recommending baby bjorn to anyone. my most used carrier is the SaYa - easy to carry baby and great support. i also love our patapum toddler carrier. when i was choosing a carrier, this comparison chart helped me: .. maybe it can help you decide about your backpack carrier too :)

K said...

hi what's your height and the size of your pouch?
Im 4'11 and my pouch is small, I found it too small for me and parang ang sikip sikip ni baby dun so I replaced it with a medium

I also bought a SAYA carrier from fabnaima

Pat Grace said...

Hi K! My SaYa is size small. I'm around 5'4". :)

Maya said...

Hi!Have you heard of the moby wrap? That's what I'm using now, well, moby wrap inspired me to do a DIY one. Though the fabric isn't too easy to find here in our country, so I asked from a friend abroad to order for me. I still have some extra fabrics if you'll be interested. Colors are peach(well, almost pink), mocha, purple, and chocolate brown with black star prints. If you'll check out moby wrap website, you'll see it's a long semi-stretchy fabric. It may look hard and confusing to tie around but once you get to try it, you'll know it's easy. What's good about this is you don't have to buy a new one when baby grows even bigger, or if your hubby is kinda tall, he can still use it. All you need to do is adjust the way you wrap it.
If you'll like it, I can sell my fabric for P500 ( a good size for one baby wrap).Here's my e-mail if you'll be interested.

Thanks, and happy baby wearing!

By the way, you can check out our photos here, wearing the fabric as baby wrap.

Thanks again!


KtanMom said...

Hi mommies! I alsi used alot of diff carriers abd loved rhe K'tan! So I decided to contact them and guess what? I'm now the exclusive distributor of the Baby K'tan Baby Carriers in the PH. I fugured its so much more expensive kasi to have it shipped piece bt piece so if you wabt one or want to give one as a gift contact us 09998894166