Saturday, May 8, 2010

My babywearing stash... and the wish for a mei tai

Let's see now... I have 5 carriers on hand. I have 2 pouches, 2 8-type/hybrid sling, and a ring sling.

The very first carrier I got was a RJellybean ring sling that I bought in Rustan's Makati. I bought it when I was still pregnant. I used it, or tried to use it when baby was just 4 days old when we went back to the hospital for the newborn screening.

I wasn't confident in wearing it at first so it became a trial and error thing for me until I just went and bought a pouch.

Then, I didn't realize that the pouch was big for me since my baby's lowest point is below my waist. But, I was more comfortable wearing that so... it didn't really matter. Plus, I was always looking if baby was comfortable so...

Then came the SaYa. I was in babywearing heaven. It was comfortable as it is worn on both shoulders, and I managed to use it after the first try. I had a bit of trouble with the cradle carry then but after some help and explanations... voila! It has become my go-to carrier.

So after having three carriers, I still want more. I've been searching around the net, discovering a lot of other types of carriers and then I discovered the Baby K'Tan. I wanted one! Plus, it already has the sash for added security that wasn't included in the SaYa. I did buy it. And found it more comfortable and softer than my SaYa.

I became a happy camper. I'd have both hands free. When Jack-Jack's asleep, that's the only time I have to support his head so it wouldn't loll around. And I'd still have my other hand for doing other things. Although these things I can do with almost all my carriers, I can do these more... securely with my SaYa and K'tan.

And oh! I also have another pouch. It's a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Mesh Pouch that I'm planning on using when we go swimming. Which... well, we haven't done so yet but I can't wait! I'm a bit concerned with the sizing though, as I feel it's a bit too snug but then again, it's not an uncomfortable snugness. Just snug. Maybe I wasn't used to that kind of snugness in a pouch since my original pouch is big for me.

And alas... More pictures of me babywearing. :D

And daddy wearing baby...

And right now... I want a mei tai, so that I can wear baby on my back. I can actually wear Jack-Jack on my back with the K'Tan but I'd be needing some help so I want one with which I can put my baby on my back by myself... And the mei tai just sounds perfect. Now, I need to know where I can buy a second-hand one as the brand new ones are too expensive for me. Plus, I have to have them shipped here so... Help??