Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pumping mama exposed!

I was in the clinic for my first pumping session. The curtains were closed and my electric pump was humming away. I heard someone open the ref and got some ice. He was being noisy. And then, after a while, he tried to open the curtains where it was secured by two clips! I was shocked. When he wasn't able to open it, he started to pull the curtain at my right which was hanging near the wall! He almost opened it fully when I muttered a protest. He then quickly told me, "Ohmygosh! Sorry, sister! I thought someone was moaning and I was pretty scared so I sought the source of the sound. Don't worry, I didn't see a thing." I just said it was ok, trying not to laugh. Yes. He was gay. So even if he did see me, it was ok. Besides which, my breast has been exposed lots of times already I don't really mind now.

To recall on how the pumping area in our office looks like, read my previous post with pictures here.

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