Friday, April 23, 2010

My journey to cloth-diapering my baby full-time

I'm proud to say that for almost 3 weeks now, my baby is almost a full-time cloth-diapered baby.

Since I was pregnant, I've been looking for ways to cut down the expensive baby costs involved in having a baby, namely: diapers and milk. The milk costs is easy to solve: breastfeed. And then, I've found cloth diapers in the internet and tried finding them in the malls. However, I couldn't find a single one! That is, until my Line Manager gave me 2 dozens of Chino Pino hybrid fitted diapers. It's like a fitted diaper, that is now becoming increasingly popular in the US and other parts of the world (and which, I wonder why it's not becoming popular here when it's very economical in the long run), because it is sewed and looks like a disposable and it has velcros for closure BUT it's actually just a prefold made, or rather, shaped nicer.

We made do with those cloth diapers without a cover (because I didn't know there's such at the time). And then I learned about it and bought one. Well. My baby outgrew it quite fast plus, it does get wet after a few pees. At this time, Jack-Jack uses disposables at night at when we go out. It's still cheaper this way and I didn't think it'd be possible to fully cloth diaper a baby.

Fast-forward to around a month or so ago. Like I said in this post about going hippie, I'm slowly becoming more eco-conscious and cloth diapering is the way to go if I want to lessen the trash going into our landfills that cannot be decomposed naturally. But it's kinda bulky if you think about it. Until I went and read again the description of the Thirsties Fab Fitteds in Pinoy Baby Store. I became curious. Thru there, I also found out about cloth diapering options at night! After a few discussions with Rowie on my options, I was bought. I bought two Kissaluvs Organic Fitted and one Thirsties Diaper Cover for night-time use. So now, not only does Jack-Jack wears cloth diapers (the Chino Pinos, still) during the day, he also uses cloth diapers at night.

After this, I researched more on the various choices available in the US thru online stores. And after a few discussions (especially regarding costs), and learning about a way to buy stuff online and ship them here in the Philippines cheaper, I went ahead and bought from Nicki's Diapers a few others to add to my cloth diapers stash. I received them yesterday and I'm ecstatic to use them. I now have six other fitteds (four Thirsties Fab Fitted and two DreamEze Organic Fitteds), three Thirsties Duo Wraps, plus Bummis reusable fleece liners for a stay-dry feel for my Kissas and DreamEze's. These would be used when we're out but... I'm going to test-drive them first if they'd really fit inside my baby's clothes at home. Hee. I can't wait! And I can't wait to buy some more... :D


Anonymous said...

Hi - how did you like the chino pino diapers? were they absorbent enough?

Pat Grace said...

Hi! They're ok. :) Absorbent enough for one wetting for a newborn. You'd need a diaper cover though. Good luck!