Monday, April 5, 2010

How much carbon dioxide does my blog create?

That's the subject of an email I received a few days ago. Now, I do wonder since a computer (and all its other brothers like the mainframes where sites [like a blog] are hosted, the cooling systems, etc) uses energy and emits CO2. And the carbon it emits is adding up to the change in global temperature.

So anyway, Christin, the one who emailed me, is part of the "Make it Green!" group and as part of the group's initiative, one of their activities is to raise awareness of how internet usage contributes to carbon emissions worldwide. And so to neutralise the emissions, they've created the "My blog is carbon neutral" buttons so bloggers can demonstrate that they care about the environment and the carbon footprint of their blogs. With each button/blog, they'd be planting a tree in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California during Arbor Day. For more information on their initiative, click here.

For now, I'll submit this post and have my blog's tree planted.

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---| Rachel |--- said...

hi pat! =) rachel ni ten here from n@w. thanks for sharing this. i got myself a carbon neutral blog button too. you can read it here: