Saturday, March 13, 2010

Warning: baby slings may be dangerous

I've gotten a link today from my e-group regarding the safety hazards a sling may pose to an infant. I looked at the link and my mind went Aha! It's the "bag" sling. I've previously read about those bag slings in CMA when I was looking for an online store that sells two carriers I wanted to buy. Anyway, I read about it and couldn't agree more with her assessment. Carriers should be adjustable to make it shallower so that there's no fabric covering the baby's face. It should be snug and when worn properly should support the developing spine and neck of the baby.

Anyway... the people at a mall here should take the bag slings they're selling.


Anonymous said...

My mom texted me about that warning too. So that's the sling they were referring to! She says she saw something in NBC news. It makes complete sense now. Those things look awfully dangerous. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that those things can cause more harm than good.

Pat Grace said...

Yup! Besides which, it looks more like a bag than a baby carrier which is why I agree with your final assessment.