Sunday, March 14, 2010

An update on solids

It was yesterday when we tried feeding Jack-Jack with a mashed banana. And the result is... He spitted them out. :D

When I first placed a small amount of the banana in his mouth, his face went into a grimace as he assessed the new taste and texture. It was comical. He didn't even swallow a bit of the banana so we had to stop for the day.I nursed him to rid him of the taste of the banana in his mouth and then he fell asleep.

This morning was the second day. I mixed in a bit of my milk to smoothen the mashed banana. He still spitted out most, and then he'd fuss a bit. We tried a bit harder and I remembered that we can use my finger to feed him. Which I did... and he ate! Yippee! He did swallow a bit of the banana. But his face would still turn into a grimace as he rolled the food around in his mouth. But it's a start.

And tomorrow is another day. The third day in a series of four. We shall see if he'd take more banana.

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