Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The squash is a smash

Today's the fifth day that my baby has started on solids so today is the first day for a new food. And today's menu is... squash. I had our helper steam it and then mashed a few pieces. The rest of the squash we'll have for dinner later. Anyway, as the mashed squash (wow! that rhymes!) is a bit thick, I thinned it a bit with water. J and I had our breakfast first, then onto baby-feeding.

Well. What can I say? I think he likes it! Or at least, he knows what's going to happen next. He's opening his mouth now everytime he sees the spoon going towards him. I also didn't see him grimacing (much) as he tasted the veggie. I did taste the steamed squash, though and I must say I like it plain that way.

Anyway, we'll see again after a few days on his reaction. I'm thinking applesauce as the next one.

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