Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm a proud mama

So. I've been keeping a little secret. Jack-Jack can now pee and poop in the toilet bowl! Yep! We've been ECing him for a few weeks now, almost a month. His caregiver mostly does it since we're away at the office and she tells me she now has lesser diapers to wash (since we cloth diaper him at home).

It is a gradual process, as we started out when he's already used to peeing and pooping in his diaper. Before, we only use to cath pees. But now, he poops in the toilet, too! He was used to standing up before, facing away from us when he pees. That's why when he first pooped instead of peed, he pooped on his caregiver. Oh, well. So now, we're training him to sit down. We even bought an "adaptor" to the toilet bowl so he that he'd be able to sit and not go all the way in the big hole of the toilet bowl. It's a cushioned seat, and it placed on top of the toilet seat to make the hole smaller. It also has a pee "catcher" for the boys. I'll take a picture one of these days.

Anyway, when we bought the toilet cushion, we tried making him pee facing us as he sits down. But he wouldn't have any of it. He would keep on lifting his butt off, thereby hitting his itty bitty turtle* against the pee catcher. So what we did, was to turn the cover so that the pee catcher would be near the tank of the toilet bowl and when he would use it, he'd be facing the wall and not us. It worked! He wouldn't try to get off from the seat. Instead, he'd just sit there and touch the catcher or the cover of the tank, and pee and/or poop.

I'm so proud! Besides which, he's cleaner that way. Plus, our water consumption for washing his diapers alone decreased significantly, which also applies to our use of detergents. Yay for greener living! It's a small step but eventually, I hope to completely eliminate the use of disposables. I'll be buying cloth diapers for use for nighttime and then if and when I have a few more money to spare, for use for going out, too, so we can also practice ECing when we go out. And then eventually, be diaper free! (Hopefully by the time he can already walk on his own.)

* Turtle - term used by the sonographer who did my routine ultrasound when we were finding out the gender of my baby to refer to his sexual organ because it looks like a turtle in the ultrasound. :)

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