Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Excited mama

I just wanted to share... that my little boy is 6 months today! Hee. Which means, he can now start on solid foods! Yay! J and I would have liked to celebrate the 6-month mark by letting Jack-Jack get his first taste of solid food today but due to work constraints, we would have to postpone to tomorrow. Hmmm... I wonder if avocados are already available at the supermarket...

In other news, my baby now resorts to crying when I leave home for work. It's already hard for me leaving him to his caretaker but now that he actually knows that I'm leaving him... I really need to find work-at-home opportunities. One thing I can think of at the top of my head is retailing. Hopefully, by the time he turns one, it's already up and running. I just need to finalize what products I'd sell as there are a lot already doing business online. I need to find something... new.

Update: (2010-03-12)
We haven't been able to feed him any solids yet as work has been demanding me to go to the office. My colleague is sick and he's my back-up so I can't take a leave. But anyway, we're to set it tomorrow morning. Jack-Jack will have breakfast with us. Hee.

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