Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My baby knows when I'm about to wear him...

... and then he quiets down and looks at me expectantly.

Last Sunday, J and I went to the Legaspi Sunday Market to claim my prize in a contest I joined in which I was to explain why I love using Indigo Baby's all-natural bath and body products for babies. Anyway, Jack-Jack was fussing, obviously feeling sleepy and while J held him and tried to calm him down, I put on my SaYa. Jack-Jack saw me and he immediately stopped fussing, looking on while I adjusted the carrier. And when I got him and placed him in, he was still quiet, his head turning left and right as we prepared to go out. He didn't so much as whimpered.

I was amazed, that I had to smile and comment to J that our baby knows what's going to happen next. And on we went to Legaspi Park. It was a bit hot, and humid, but there was a cool wind blowing about, and next thing I noticed, Jack-Jack was sleeping soundly on my chest. He just went and rested his cute little head on my chest. No fussing, no singing required (even on his part). He just slept.

Monica of Indigo Baby commented how fast asleep he was, and how she bets that Jack-Jack loves it there. And I said that he does and relayed to her our experience just before going there. And then we bid our goodbyes and we went to Greenbelt to attend the 12 noon mass. He slept almost the entire time. He woke up towards the end of the mass, and he was squirming and babbling a bit since he was already hungry and it was time for his next feed.

It does get tiring, wearing him for more than a few hours as he gets heavier as the time passes. But I wouldn't trade it for pushing him in a stroller as I get to see how curious he is, what his reactions to the different sights and sounds where I can immediately point to him what he's looking at, and by being close to him, I can immediately comfort him and lull him to sleep just by walking. All these with both of my hands free to do other things like eat semi-properly and poke J (hee).

I can't wait for the time that he'd point to a sling, and ask me to take him somewhere. But until then, I'm happy that the sling has become a comfort-zone for him.


sheri said...

That is so great! It is exactly as it is supposed to be. Have you thought about moving to a Mei Tai or other carrier as he gets bigger?

Pat Grace said...

Hi Sheri!

Thanks! Babywearing is just starting to get popular here in the Philippines so if ever I'd get a Mei Tai or a soft-structured carrier, I'd have to buy online and have it shipped here... which is a bit expensive. :) But the SaYa is supposed to be able to carry the baby from birth up to around 35kgs. I plan on posting up an entry on the different carries I've been carrying my baby in. :)