Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a nice feeling to see a lot of breastfeeding mothers in just one day

J and I watched Valentine's Day movie earlier in Glorietta 4. It was a two and a half hour movie (more or less) and so I brought my pump so I can express some milk for Jack-Jack while I'm gone. Especially since I'm sure he'd drink at least a bottle from the time we left him at home.

Anyway, after eating Takoyaki and cream puff and silvanas, we went to the Family Lounge so that I could express since there were two pumping/nursing stations there. However, when I went in, someone was sitting in one of the rooms, listening to her Ipod, then there were a couple of paper bags in the other room. I decided to wait for the owners of the bag or for the girl just sitting there to notice me waiting for a vacant room.

It was around after five minutes when another woman went in, and then she told off the girl so she could use the room to pump. But the light there was not working, she soon learned from one of the maintenance ladies, with which, she pointed to the other room but the lady pointed out that there were bags there. The maintenance lady transferred the bags to the room with the defective lights. And so one got ahead of my pumping.

Then just as I was about to go and pump in the dark room, a mom went in there to nurse her around two year old daughter. And so I waited. While I was waiting , another mom went in and asked if there was a place to breastfeed.

To cut the story short, in just a few hours, I saw four moms (the last one was on the bus on our way home) who are breastfeeding.

It gave me a nice feeling, that more and more moms are preferring to breastfeed their babies. It really was like going back to basics, like I told my cousin back when she saw me wearing Jack-Jack.

And it all feels just about right.

P.S. The movie was great, by the way. Despite the bad reviews. :)

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