Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just how many carriers do I need?

For me? A lot. :) You see, I love wearing my baby and different events call for different carriers. Or rather, different moods call for different carriers. Hee.

Case in point. When going out around the mall and J wants to wear baby, too, we'd bring the R'Jellybean ring sling. If we're going to a relative, we'd bring the pouch. For all other events, especially since getting it, the SaYa is my go-to carrier.

Now. I'm eyeing those buckle strapped carriers... Hmmm... And I've been reading about the various brands from the Sling Lady of the CMA website (of which, my subject came from). And from her, I'm eyeing the Ergo, Beco Butterfly, and the Pikkolo. Hmmm... I have to decide since I have a relative from the US who's coming back here in March and the shipping's free there so... Argh!!!

P.S. Besides which, those buckle-strap carriers will make J a happy daddy. No need to learn how to adjust the tail and whatnots. Hee.

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